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What is Journey Mindfully?

-Ralph Waldo EmersonToo often we find ourselves concerned with where we want to go in life, instead of where we presently are. The present can seem like a scary place for those who are not used to acknowledging it.  When we look back at our lives, we can see that our values, our passions, and the things that define us are forever changing. This marks the beauty of your journey. We are beings that are always learning and adapting. The more we can grow through this conscious awareness, the more intentional our journeys become.

Journey Mindfully is my approach to reach out and to connect with more people in a healthy and mindful way. Many of us live very busy lives and don’t take the time to calm our minds and bodies. Journey mindfully aims to guide you towards a deeper connection with your own mind, body, spirit and breath. We want to encourage you and others to have a more meaningful connection in your day to day lives through conscious living. Our bodies were designed to move; Our minds were designed to be present; Our spirits were designed to give and accept love; And our breath was designed to take in the energy from the Earth around us to feed our body’s, mind’s, and spirit’s.

My Story

Hey there, my name is Kennedi!

I am a yoga instructor who is passionate about helping others make wellness a lifestyle. My interest in health began when I was young and has continued to grow over the years. Since then, I have graduated from University of Missouri with a Bachelors in Health Science with a double minor in Business & Wellness.

I knew my formal education was leading me in the right direction, but something was still missing. I felt that travel was the key to a new, wider perspective. So, I moved to Italy! I set fears aside and prepared myself for no expectations. I lived as an au pair to a family who opened their home, their hearts, and their culture to this American stanger (me!). What I experienced there goes beyond what I can describe in a few sentences here. I left Italy with a deeper understanding of how small I am in this world, yet how big of an impact I can make on the lives of people around me. My heart grew wider, I learned to love fuller, I have a stronger appreciation of the differences in each of us, and I approach life with a broader perspective. I am thankful that I get to bring these experiences and mindset into my career.

I am not only helping others through my passions of yoga and essential oils, but I am currently furthering my capabilities in grad school, pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic, with dreams of helping others as a future physician. I I will meet you wherever you are in your journey, and guide you as far as you need me. For I see and honor the light in you because it too resides in me, Namaste.

Mission & Vision


Journey Mindfully is working towards cultivating a sustainably healthy society by enriching individuals lives through education and thoughtfulness to become mindfully aware of their bodies and environment.


Journey Mindfully was founded on empowering others through education to use wellness as a lifestyle & to live intentionally conscious lives.


Deepen your practice, grow your mind

One-on-one in home, group, and virtual classes

Yoga classes for yogis at any level. Whether you are advanced in your journey of yoga or you are looking to begin a new journey in yoga I will guide you for your personal needs. I will help you reach your goals and grow in your practice.

Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

I use essential oils in my day-to-day life. From cleaning and home products, to beauty products, and even cooking. Learn more!

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